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What Our Customers Say

Myth Busters

Fans of Myth Busters can check out the review of our spherification ingredients on Jamie & Adam's site.


Modernist Pantry is on Wired Magazine's Top 10 List of DIY Suppliers.

Cooking Issues

Modernist Pantry is a proud sponsor of Dave Arnold's Cooking Issues on the Heritage Radio Network.

I was one of the Teaching Fellows for the Harvard Science and Cooking course last semester, and wanted to thank you for providing key ingredients for student final projects on such short notice. Happy new year!
--Naveen S.
Cambridge, MA

Just want to say thank you for a very speedy delivery. I placed my order for Popping Candy last week and it arrived in Switzerland this morning just in time for me to make my 'Exploding' Chocolate Dessert this weekend. Once again many thanks.
--Frances L.
Geneva, Switzerland

If anyone is interested in Heston style food antics, this is a cool place to get your stuff. Pretty cheap shipping and nice small amounts.
--Kerry S.
North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Great place to buy small quantities of molecular gastronomy stuff! Good prices and Quick turnaround on order and shipping too.
--Greg L.
Cambridge, MA

I ordered some products from you a few weeks ago and wanted to say what a success they were! I wrote a feature for Scientific American and featured your ingredients, thought you might enjoy seeing the results. Happy Halloween!
--Layla E.
Austin, TX

I just want to commend your company for its professionalism and efficiency. It blows me away when a company seems like not only do they want your business, but will fight to ensure that they keep it. Modernist Pantry is one of those. I cannot explain how pleased I am with not only the purchases I have made with you, but how your customer service and business in general runs. I usually do not compliment places I purchase product from, but the outstanding job that you have done forces my hand. You have ensured my business, and anybody else that I can draw in.Thank you very much.
--Hisham E.
Piscataway, NJ

Great service. Thank you for my order. I was very pleased with your service and look forward to doing business in the future.
--John G.
Spokane, WA

I found your website a couple months ago and have been repeatedly perusing it and saved up enough money to buy the cocktail kit to try out some modernist cuisine ideas. I am in culinary school and thought it would be interesting to try out and see. I was very excited and mentioned it to my teacher who told me to use it for a presentation i had to do in school. Well i must say my presentation was the most interesting and had all my classmates floored on how cool cooking with this stuff was. Many of them just made power points or read off a piece paper which even bored the teacher but i had an interactive amazing show to put together. I made cardamom and blood orange mojitos and used the kit to make basil caviar for them. I made sure to name drop your website at least 5 different times and many of my classmates said they would definitely go on and check it out. I'd love to use more of your products to make interesting foods and do more presentations in class but I am paying my way through college and working part time so I cannot afford many of your products unfortunately. Thank you for getting me an A on my project and giving me cool stuff to try out with your kit! Science and food my two favorite things and I now have a way to combine them. Just wish you guys sold cook books for more ideas on what to do with my stuff
--Richie R.
Maple Grove, MN

I have been looking to do something with modernist cooking for the holidays, and your easy interface, sensible pricing schemes, and logical packages blew me away. I have never felt as good about an online purchase as this one. Thank you, I will recommend this to my friends and come back again.
--James T.
Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for existing! I heard about you guys on the cooking issues podcast and definitely plan on making some purchases soon!
--Joe K.

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help in researching the Versawhip for allergens. I'm happy to report that It turned out to be safe (not cross contaminated). So far, I've made a batch of divinity candy with it, and it turned out beautifully! I can't wait to use it in other recipes that normally use egg white. Thank you again for all your help, and I truly appreciate your company, it's wonderful to be able to buy smaller quantities to experiment with :) Take care and have a wonderful day!
--Yvonne O.
Bristow, VA

I'm really excited to be able to buy meat glue in reasonable quantities, not to mention several other products I've had my eye on. I was really having a hard time thinking what I'd do with a kilo of iota carrageenan. I've already made an order, but then was browsing the site and noticed the free shipping code. Nuts!
--Tim H.
Eugene, OR

I heard about you from Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues. Wish I had found you earlier this year, probably could have saved money and headaches trying to track down ingredients.
--Richard C.
Tempe, AZ

Thank you so much for making the shipping priority! Your store is fabulous— I have been looking for so long to find a place where they sell modernist ingredients in smaller quantities! Thank you!
--Kristopher B.
Brookline, MA