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For the Home Cook

What is Modern Cooking?

About 10 years ago, a revolution in cooking began. Pioneering restaurant chefs like Ferran Adria, Grant Achatz, Heston Blumenthal and Wylie Dusfresne started applying a new approach to cooking.  It was based on a deeper understanding of the science of food and cooking combined with the use of non-traditional ingredients and techniques.

The trend they started goes by various names including Molecular Gastronomy, Modernist Cuisine and Experimental Cooking. We prefer to just call it Modern Cooking. But whatever you call it, this movement had an undeniable impact on the culinary landscape.

Chefs at restaurants like El Bulli, Alenea, and Noma have embraced Modern Cooking. And it is no coincidence that they have earned accolades, awards, and dominated the lists of top restaurants in the world for the past decade.

Not Just for Celebrity Chefs

But you don’t need to be a professional at a world-renowned restaurant to master most Modern Cooking techniques. The truth is that any home cook can significantly up their culinary game by understanding the principles, applications and ingredients used in Modern Cooking.

Yes, you too can use the magic of modern ingredients and techniques to create remarkable new dishes and to reimagine old favorites. And just like the famous kitchen alchemists, you can discover the secret to creating culinary gold.

What Can You Do?

Through Modern Cooking you will discover not only the what but the why behind many cooking techniques and ingredients. So rather than just blindly following a recipe, you'll understand how ingredients and techniques actually work to create a finished dish. The benefits of this are significant including; more consistent results, the ability to troubleshoot when something doesn’t turn out like you planned, and the freedom to experiment and create your own variations and recipes.

With these skills and ingredients

  • You’ll be able to create dishes that wow your guests and have them talking about your next dinner party for months.
  • You can add variety to family meals and by playing with the texture and appearance of food. You may even get your kids (or your spouse) to eat foods they wouldn’t ordinarily touch.
  • Speaking of kids, Modern Cooking is the ideal way to engage them in the kitchen for some memorable shared experiences. They can even use what they learn for school science projects. (In fact, many of our customers are educators or homeschool parents who use Modern Cooking as a fun and delicious way to teach students about science and math.)

How Can We Help You?

Before Modernist Pantry, there wasn’t much opportunity for home cooks to get involved in Modern Cooking. There were almost no retailers offering modern ingredients. And the few who did only sold it in bulk, which doesn’t make sense for the needs of a home cook.

In fact, we started Modernist Pantry to offer a comprehensive single source of innovative ingredients... in small batches specifically for home cooks like us. Most for around $5 bucks! So you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not wasting time, money, space or ingredients.

Today, we’re a one-stop shop and the only source of many modern tools and ingredients. We serve hundreds of thousands of home cooks and culinary professionals worldwide. We have a reputation for speedy and reliable service. We carry only the highest quality food grade ingredients (not the cheap industrial grades of some competitors). In fact, we meet or exceed even the most demanding standards, including certification by the Orthodox Union. And we provide information, education and personalized support to help you succeed.

So whether you’re an accomplished home cook or just getting started, we have something that’s perfect for you.