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100g Scale Calibration Weight
500g Scale Calibration Weight
Activa® GS Transglutaminase
Activa® RM Transglutaminase
Activa® TI Transglutaminase
Activa® YG Transglutaminase
Advanced pH Meter
Agar Agar
Amidated Low Methoxyl (LMA) Pectin
Arabic Gum/Acacia Gum
Ascorbic Acid
Balsamic Vinegar Powder
BASIC Modernist Cooking Made Easy Kit
Basic pH Meter
Batter Bind S
Beef Gelatin Powder (250 Bloom)
Beginning Sous Vide
Calcium Chloride
Calcium Lactate
Calcium Lactate Gluconate
Carbonated Crystals (unflavored)
Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Balsamic Vinegar
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Blackcurrant
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Lemon & Pepper
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Maple Syrup
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Passion Fruit
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Soy Sauce
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Strawberry
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Truffle
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Wine Vinegar & Shallots
Christine Le Tennier Flavor Pearls - Yuzu
Citric Acid
Cocktail R-Evolution
Cooking For Geeks
Creative Sphere Magic Kit
Crisp Coat UC
Crisp Film
Cuisine R-Evolution
Culinary Crystals - Almond Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Apple Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Apricot Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Banana Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Black Pepper Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Blackberry Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Blueberry Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Bubble Gum Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Butterscotch Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Caramel Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Cherry Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Chocolate Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Cinnamon Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Coated
Culinary Crystals - Coconut Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Cola Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Cotton Candy Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Cranberry Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Eggnog Flavor
Culinary Crystals - English Toffee Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Espresso Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Flavor Base
Culinary Crystals - Ginger Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Grape Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Grapefruit Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Guava Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Hazelnut Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Honey Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Honeydew Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Horchata Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Horehound Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Hot Chili Pepper Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Juniper Berry Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Lavender Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Lemon Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Lemongrass Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Licorice Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Lime Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Mango Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Maple Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Menthol Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Orange Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Original
Culinary Crystals - Passion Fruit Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Peach Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Peanut Butter Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Pear Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Pecan Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Pineapple Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Pistachio Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Plum Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Pomegranate Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Praline Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Pumpkin Pie Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Raspberry Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Root Beer Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Sassafras Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Sour/Tart Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Spearmint Flavor Oil
Culinary Crystals - Strawberry Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Vanilla Flavor
Culinary Crystals - Watermelon Flavor
Custom lids for Sous Vide Professional™ CHEF SERIES
Custom lids for Sous Vide Professional™ CLASSIC SERIES
Custom lids for Sous Vide Professional™ CREATIVE SERIES
Dextrose Powder
Diastatic Malt Powder
Digital Salinity Meter
Digital Sugar/Brix Meter
Druids Grove Brie/Camembert Kit
Druids Grove Brie/Camembert Mix Value Pack
Druids Grove Cheese Forms
Druids Grove Cheese Kit Value Pack
Druids Grove Classic Cheddar Kit
Druids Grove Kappa Carrageenan
Druids Grove Lactic Acid
Druids Grove Mozzarella Kit
Druids Grove Mozzarella Mix Value Pack
Druids Grove Natural Cotton Tee
Druids Grove Nutritional Yeast Flakes (Organic)
Druids Grove Purified Coconut Oil (Organic)
Druids Grove Soy Milk Powder (Organic)
Druids Grove Tapioca Starch (Organic)
Egg White Powder
Egg Yolk Powder
Enthusiast Sphere Magic Kit
Excalibur D500 Dehydrator - 5 Trays
Excalibur D900 Dehydrator - 9 Trays
Expandex Gluten-Free Starch
Extreme-Precision Digital Ingredient Scale
Ferran Adria COCKTAIL Easy Kit
Ferran Adria CUISINE Easy Kit
Ferran Adria PATISSERIE Easy Kit
Ferran Adria SPHERIFICATION Easy Kit
Ferran Adria Spherification Spoon
Ferran Adria's Ingenios DVD
Fish Gelatin Powder (250 Bloom)
Foam Magic
Food Grade Polysorbate 80
Food Grade Spaghetti Tubing
Freedom® Dough Conditioner
Freedom® Gluten Replacement
Fructose Powder
Full Range pH 1-14 Test Paper Strips
Gelatin Sheets (Bronze Strength/140 Bloom)
Gelatin Sheets (Gold Strength/200 Bloom)
Gelatin Sheets (Silver Strength/160 Bloom)
Glucono Delta-Lactone
Glucose Powder
Glycerol Monostearate
GS Transglutaminase
Guar Gum
High-Precision Digital Ingredient Scale
Honey Powder
Instaferm® GOLD Instant Dry Yeast
Instaferm® RED Instant Dry Yeast
Insulating Polypropylene Ball Blanket
Iota Carrageenan
iSi Brushed Aluminum Soda Siphon
iSi CO2 Soda Chargers
iSi Culinary Ensemble
iSi Decorator Tips - Set of 3 (plus adaptor)
iSi Explore New Taste
iSi Funnel & Sieve
iSi Gourmet Whip Plus (pint)
iSi Gourmet Whip Plus (quart)
iSi N2O Cream Chargers
iSi Stainless Steel Tips - Set of 3
iSi Whip Injector Tips (set of 4)
Kappa Carrageenan
Kelcogel F - Low Acyl Gellan Gum
Kelcogel LT100 - High Acyl Gellan Gum
Konjac Gum
Kudzu Root Starch
Lactic Acid
Lambda Carrageenan
Large Anti-static Weighing Boat
Liquid Soy Lecithin
Locust Bean Gum
Low Methoxyl (LM) Pectin
LyoSabores Apricot
LyoSabores Banana
LyoSabores Blackcurrant
LyoSabores Fig
LyoSabores Maize
LyoSabores Mango
LyoSabores Pineapple
LyoSabores Raspberry
LyoSabores Strawberry
Magic Air Maker
Malic Acid
Malt Vinegar Powder
Maltitol Powder
Marschall M-50 Microbial Coagulant - Rennet for Cheese Making
Meat Glue Kit
Medium Anti-static Weighing Dish - 2 pack
Methocel® E4M Food Grade
Methocel® F50 Food Grade
Methocel® K100M Food Grade
Methocel® A15C Food Grade
Methocel® A4C Food Grade
Methocel® A4M Food Grade
Methocel® SGA7C Food Grade
Methylcellulose HV (High Viscosity)
Methylcellulose LV (Low Viscosity)
Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC)
Miracle Berry
Modernist Cooking Made Easy
Modernist Cooking Toolkit
Modernist Cuisine Gel Noodle Kit
Modernist Cuisine Spherification Kit
Modernist Ravioli/Reverse Spherification Mold
Mono and Diglyceride Flakes
Mugaritz Agalita (Kaolin Replacement)
Mugaritz Bulgur
Mugaritz Kuzu
Mugaritz Lactose
Mugaritz Linum
Mugaritz Sweet Millet
N-Zorbit M - Tapioca Maltodextrin
ORGANIC PerfectaGel Silver - 170 Bloom
Pectinex Ultra SP-L
Perfect Caviar Maker
Perfect Disc Sealer
Perfect Film Discs
Perfect Sorbet
PerfectaGel Assortment
PerfectaGel Bronze - 140 Bloom
PerfectaGel Gold - 200 Bloom
PerfectaGel Platinum - 230 Bloom
PerfectaGel Silver - 170 Bloom
PerfectaGel Titanium - 120 Bloom
Perfected Guar Gum
Perfected Sodium Alginate
Perfected Xanthan Gum
pH Buffer Solution 10.01
pH Buffer Solution 4.01
pH Buffer Solution 7.01
Pizza Magic® Peel
Plastic Spaghetti Syringe - 30 ml
Plastic Spherification Syringe - 120 ml
Plastic Spherification Syringe - 30 ml
Plastic Spherification Syringe - 60 ml
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Myth Busters

Fans of Myth Busters can check out the review of our spherification ingredients on Jamie & Adam's site.


Modernist Pantry is on Wired Magazine's Top 10 List of DIY Suppliers.

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What our tribe is saying

I was one of the Teaching Fellows for the Harvard Science and Cooking course last semester, and wanted to thank you for providing key ingredients for student final projects on such short notice. Happy new year!
--Naveen S.
Cambridge, MA

Just want to say thank you for a very speedy delivery. I placed my order for Popping Candy last week and it arrived in Switzerland this morning just in time for me to make my 'Exploding' Chocolate Dessert this weekend. Once again many thanks.
--Frances L.
Geneva, Switzerland

If anyone is interested in Heston style food antics, this is a cool place to get your stuff. Pretty cheap shipping and nice small amounts.
--Kerry S.
North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia